Continuous Improvement


Overview/ Scope

The purpose of PEP’s Continuous Improvement Method (P-CIM) is to:

  • develop effective, productive continuous improvement programs for PEP’s Client software units
  • provide guidance and mentoring to Client software functions in the use and tailoring of the CMMI® or Six Sigma techniques
  • support each identified Client PI (Process Improvement) effort through both expert consultation and the independent expert evaluation of PI (Process Improvement) progress
  • develop a phase review process for each identified Client for the purpose of effectively managing and monitoring its PI (Process Improvement) progress
  • facilitate access to resources required by Client to successfully implement required project management and engineering/ services development techniques including processes already documented or implemented by other Client entities (this is coordinated through the Client).
  • assist our Client organizations in developing and managing their PI (Process Improvement) action plans
  • provide a forum for the prioritization and review of the organization’s improvement needs

Major Tasks

  • select Client business units for P-CIM (Client / PEP responsibility)
  • identify PEP resources to mentor targeted Business Units (PEP responsibility with Client approval)
  • develop P-CIM Client specific plan (PEP responsibility with Client approval); write-up & document P-CIM detail (PEP responsibility) ;and develop criteria for and evaluate success criteria of the P-CIM Program (Client / PEP responsibility)
  • baseline the software process capability of each selected software unit (Client Business Unit/ PEP responsibility) using one of PEP’s Appraisal Methods
  • develop a specific P-CIM plan for each selected organization (Client Business Unit/ PEP responsibility)
  • facilitate the development of a PI (Process Improvement) improvement plan for the selected target software unit (Client Business Unit/ PEP responsibility)
  • work with Client Corporate to develop an approach for tracking & managing each unit’s PI (Process Improvement) progress (Client Corporate/ PEP responsibility)
  • develop plans, in conjunction with our Client , to obtain resources required by the select units for their PI (Process Improvement) efforts (Client Business Unit/ PEP responsibility & Client )
  • monitor each target organization’s PI (Process Improvement) progress, on an on-going basis, and report to Client Corporate (Client Business Unit/ PEP responsibility/ Client Corporate)
  • develop an Client -wide reward program for PI (Process Improvement) progress (Client internal issue)

Method/ Approach

Our approach is as follows:

  • PEP provides leadership in the development of a P-CIM program with both Client Corporate functions and the Local Client Organization
  • PEP works collaboratively and as a mentor in the on-going improvement efforts with the Client Business Units, Corporate, and the Client