Six Sigma

As organizations engage in CMMI programs, the development of either new and/ or significantly modified business practices is a certainty. The evolution and/or creation of business practices, in an on-going business (set of engineering efforts) generally occur as punctuated process episodes; as many as 10-20 major punctuated process episodes may be required per CMMI maturity level advanced.

As anyone who has been involved in a CMMI based improvement effort certainly knows, CMMI provides an excellent set of guidelines for what needs to be done, but it only provides brief, and non-directive, insight in how-to achieve process improvement objectives. Six Sigma is almost exactly the opposite in this regard. Its emphasis is on how-to plan, guide and measure improvements.

Mark Rabideau has recently achieved his Black Belt in order to help his clients visualize and move successfully into this arena. Contact Mark Rabideau directly if you are interested in discussing how Six Sigma and CMMI can work effectively together.