SCAMPI-A Appraisals

(Standard CMMISM Assessment Method for Process Improvement)


The CMMI Institute has established the Assessment Requirements for CMMISM (ARC) as the source of requirements for assessment methods using the CMMI models. The Standard CMMI Assessment Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPISM) is a full comprehensive assessment method compliant with the requirements for an ARC Class A method.

PEP, Inc. is licensed by the CMMI Institute to conduct SCAMPI assessments. Each PEP partner is individually licensed and authorized as a SCAMPI Lead Assessor. PEP brings to the conduct of SCAMPI assessments over 30 years worth of SEI-licensed process assessment leadership. During the last two decades, PEP has been actively involved in the development, critique, and implementation of every CMMI Institute and SEI licensed assessment method/ technique including:

  • SPA (Software Process Assessment),
  • CBA-IPISM (CMM® Based- Appraisals for Internal Process Improvement) and,


SCAMPI-A appraisals have two primary goals:

  1. to provide an accurate picture of the current state of the organization’s process relative to a selected CMMI model, and
  2. to foster organizational commitment to continuing process improvement:
    • collecting data to develop an understanding of the currently implemented processes,
    • identifying process strengths and weaknesses,
    • accurately characterizing the organization’s process maturity level (for Staged representation) or process capability profile (for Continuous representation)
    • developing and supporting organizational ownership of assessment results, and
    • assisting in sustaining sponsorship and commitment for process improvement.

PEP additionally provides guidance and assistance in:

  • Assessment Planning Support
  • Assessment Team Training
  • Assessment Participants’ Briefing Support
  • Initial Document Review (either pre-assessment or at the start of the on-site assessment period)
  • Full participation in the entire On-Site Period, including the Final Findings Presentation and a Confidence Report
  • Optionally, support for the Assessment Final Report and/or the Recommendations Briefing.

We include mentoring and training in:

  • guiding the initial assessment planning (including selection of an appropriate reference model),
  • training the assessment team (typically, both CMMI model training and SCAMPI method training), and
  • mentoring the team throughout all phases of the assessment activity.

Following a formal SCAMPI assessment, an organization is prepared to develop an action improvement plan to implement the assessment recommendations.Those organizations that follow through with implementing process improvement across multiple disciplines realize tangible, long-term benefits from their assessment investments.


There are numerous benefits associated with the conduct of SCAMPI Assessments, however, the most crucial are:

  • SCAMPI provides official CMMI Capability and/or Maturity Level Ratings
  • SCAMPI results may be used to demonstrate formal CMMI appraisal results to clients for contractual or other obligations.